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Two lifelong friends, a special FX makeup artist and a local news reporter, shake their fists at movies & TV and whatever else comes up. Formerly called 'The Mobile Horror Companion.' 

Sep 23, 2023

Aerie Jane, the real Ray DeVito whisperer, makes her first appearance on the podcast. We talk about the Ray-Pat Dixon drama, clear the air about our own issues, and then laud the great Obnoxious John.

Sep 21, 2023

The great Kevin Brennan had a shrink interview comic Ray DeVito on the 'Misery Loves Company' podcast and a super chat from comic Pat Dixon nearly broke Ray's brain.

Pat reacts to that and to the 'Nobody Likes Onions' #FreePatDixon movement.

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Sep 16, 2023

A livestream from El Horrible gave us a chance to see comic Ray DeVito touch strangers in the streets; Carlos isn't a fan of the "DG turns on Stuttering John" fictional storyline; Patrick Melton does a better job explaining Carlos than Carlos.

Guests: Matt from Mondo Creepy & Franklin Scheckler.

This is the audio from...

Sep 10, 2023

This week we talk about the criteria for 'Dabbler of the Week' but forget to name one.

Then we talk about Stuttering John getting emotional, Rebar noticing Ray DeVito and YouTube's issue with The Shuliverse.

And we go back and watch clips from Cardiff Electric's infamous appearance from earlier this year on Kevin...

Sep 2, 2023


The Shuli Network linked to a video from Nobody Likes Onions that made fun of Drunk On Cringe, a Dabbleverse/Hackverse clip channel.

Drunk on Cringe asked Shuli Egar to remove the link, inciting a Twitter beef between the two, during which Shuli accused Drunk of trying to blackmail him.
Cringe vowed...