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Two lifelong friends, a special FX makeup artist and a local news reporter, shake their fists at movies & TV and whatever else comes up. Formerly called 'The Mobile Horror Companion.' 

Nov 6, 2022

An examination of 'Terrifier 2,' a throwback to the golden age of gore. With us reacting to freakin' Richard Christy crying, too. With special guest Matt from Mondo Creepy and makeup FX artist Pete Gerner ('I  Sell The Dead').

Sep 11, 2022

We react to trailers for Andor, Hocus Pocus 2, Mandalorian season 3, Werewolf At Night and one or two other IPs we'll probably never consume.

Def Noodles is for the people, bro! Episode 257 of season 1.

Sep 3, 2022

The Bastards double down on their 'Tombstone' hate, then Christine Caprilozzi talks CT Horror Fest 2022, to be held Sept. 16 & 17 at the Naugatuck Events Center in Connecticut.

Visit for tickets and info.

Christine's interview starts at about 9 minutes and 30 seconds into the...

Aug 27, 2022

Val Kilmer in 'Tombstone.'

Benicio del Toro in 'The Usual Suspects.'

Al Pacino in 'Donnie Brasco.'

Paul Walter Hauser in anything.

Angry yet?

May 29, 2022

We discuss the negative reactions to our 'Harry Knowles' episode, then lodge our complaints against Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things 4, Better Call Saul, Jackass 4.5, Bill Maher & QT, We Own This City, and the first Top Gun.

#Kenobi #BetterCallSaul #StrangerThings4