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Two lifelong friends, a special FX makeup artist and a local news reporter, shake their fists at movies & TV and whatever else comes up. Formerly called 'The Mobile Horror Companion.' 

Aug 23, 2019

In this episode, Spears and Carlos Danger invade the lobby of the Monster-Mania Convention in New Jersey at 2 a.m. to talk MONDO CREEPY TV with writer-director Matt Maisto.

MONDO CREEPY TV’s first show streams on YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere 11 p.m. EST Saturday, Aug. 24.  MONDO CREEPY is a horror-host show in the...

Aug 18, 2019

The boys are on the ground at Monster Mania 43 in Cherry Hill, NJ.  Listen in as they discuss the anticipation surrounding the con's busiest day and also the evolution of Monster Mania into the biggest horror convention in the tri-state...

Aug 5, 2019

The boys huddle up to rant about all the things they hate about the current state of movie-making.