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Two lifelong friends, a special FX makeup artist and a local news reporter, shake their fists at movies & TV and whatever else comes up. Formerly called 'The Mobile Horror Companion.' 

Oct 31, 2016

The boys talk about their Halloween memories growing up and favorite movies to watch during the season.

Oct 17, 2016

Turns out those kids from Stranger Things were real - and they grew up to have their own horror podcast.  Listen in as they tell their tale and discuss the...

Oct 10, 2016

The boys discuss who your favorite horror icons would vote for in the upcoming presidential election.  Plus a bonus discussion of running zombies vs. classic...

Oct 3, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere is just a week away, join the boys for their "Lost Recap" episode of Season 6.  Director Glen Baisley is on hand to share some insight into the comic source material and lend his thoughts on where these wacky producers might be taking...