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Two lifelong friends, a special FX makeup artist and a local news reporter, shake their fists at movies & TV and whatever else comes up. Formerly called 'The Mobile Horror Companion.' 

Aug 27, 2022

Val Kilmer in 'Tombstone.'

Benicio del Toro in 'The Usual Suspects.'

Al Pacino in 'Donnie Brasco.'

Paul Walter Hauser in anything.

Angry yet?

Aug 13, 2022

The two hosts disagree over "Licorice Pizza," which 'Carlos Danger' calls one of the worst movies since (insert any DC movie that's not Shazam or Joker).

Spears then goes to town on 'Spider-Man: No Way Home.'

With passive aggressive shout outs to @SWOProductions, @thepintpodcast and many others!

Aug 6, 2022

The good (and bad) of 'Prey,' a whole new take on the inexplicable 'Predator' franchise.