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A working special FX makeup artist and a bitter news reporter shake their fists at horror movies in a weekly podcast.

Old and in the way.

Sep 30, 2019

It's horror fans vs comic fans as Sir John and Johnny Ganache from the Pint o' Comics podcast muscle their way onto the MHC yet again.

They're joined, somewhat reluctantly, by Mitch 'King of the Nerds' Hallock, the boisterous brains behind the big-time 'TERRIFICon' and 'CTGamerCon' shows held at the Mohegan Sun casino deep in the bowels of Connecticut.

There's arguing, in-fighting, accusations, gossip, regret, admonishments, and, of course, technical problems.

It's the perfect MHC episode!

Recorded at the MHC booth during September's CT Horror Fest.